Joint Passive Resistance Database ) w1) HQL,2000


Research institute of human engineering for quality life


Report of "Measurement and evaluation of the human dynamic characteristics"


Vol. & No.





HQL-00-1 [Target]
Joint: Wrist
Direction: Flexion-Extension (Palmar Flexion-Dorsiflexion)
Characteristic(s): Elasticity

[Measurement Condition]
Subjects: 110 males & 122 females
Age Span: 20-79
Country: Japan
Method: Estimation by quasi-static equilibration (type 1-1)

Refer to the figure on the right side.

[Expression of the data]
An exponential function of moment to joint angle (unit:Nm)
Right side of males:

Refer to this report about another data.

  • HQL, NITE, and Yamazaki Lab.(Keio Univ.) collaborate in this research.
  • The standard posture is determined as an interference of biarticular muscles does not come out during measuring.
  • The data is only about the elastic resistance during flexion and extension, and that of torso joint does not exist, too.
  • The data includes that of the generational, sexual, and bilateral distinctions.