Joint Passive Resistance Database ) a7) Weiss,1986


Weiss, P.L., Kearney R.E. and Hunter I.W.


Position Dependence of Ankle Joint Dynamics-I. Passive Mechanics


J. Biomech.

Vol. & No.

Vol.19, No.9






Weiss-86 [Target]
Joint: Ankle
Direction: Flexion-Extension (Dorsiflexion-Plantar Flexion)
Characteristic(s): Viscoelasticity

[Measurement Condition]
Subjects: 6 persons
Age Span: 22-32
Country: Canada
Method: Estimation by dynamic equilibration (type 2-2)

Refer to the figure on the right side.
The standard posture of the ankle angle is defined as that the plantar surface makes a right angle with a line through the fibular head and the medial malleolus.

[Expression of the data]
Graph of a viscoelastic coefficient to joint angle
Function not shown

  • These joint viscoelastic characteristics are identified using an estimation method of an inpedance in robot engineering.
  • 10 trial about 1 subject are measured.
  • The graph of a non-linear elastic moment to joint angle exists.