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Digital Human Symposium 2009     Proceedings    


Digital Human Technologies

Takeo Kanade [pdf]

Invited Speakers

Dance and Robotics

Katsushi Ikeuchi [pdf]

Artificial Life and Biomechanical Simulation of Humans

Demetri Terzopoulos [pdf]

Brain-controlled Robots

Mitsuo Kawato [pdf]

DHRC  Research Reports

  - Human-Centered Design
  - Human Visualization
  - Humanoid Interaction
  - Human Modeling
  - Human Behavior Understanding

Human-Centered Design

Digital Human Modeling for Human Centered Design

Masaaki Mochimaru [pdf]

Evaluation of accuracy in traditional and 3D anthropometry

Makiko Kouchi [pdf]

Database Aggregation System for Dispersed Healthcare Information

Takao Morita [pdf]

Generating Finger FE Models with Geometric Variations Based on Statistical Analysis for Individual Differences

Mitsunori Tada [pdf]

Measurement of 3D Foot Shape Deformation in Motion

Makoto Kimura [pdf]

Arrangement of functional joint rotation centers of the whole body in proportion to a set of body dimensions

Kei Aoki [pdf]

Human Visualization

Visualization of Digital Human

Shigeru Kuriyama [pdf]

Analysis of Beer Foam and Pouring Strategy based on Motion Distribution Map

Katsuaki Kawachi [pdf]

Temporal Dithering of Illumination for Fast Shape Acquisition

Shuntaro Yamazaki [pdf]

Environment-driven Motion Generation System

Yoshiaki Akazawa [pdf]

Humanoid Interaction

Digital Human Technology for Humanoid Interaction

Satoshi Kagami [pdf]

3D Online SLAM from Stereo Camera Image Sequence

Satoshi Kagami [pdf]

Loudness Measurement of Human Utterance to a Robot in Noisy Environment

Satoshi Kagami [pdf]

ART-Linux 2.6 for Single CPU: Design and Implementation

Youichi Ishiwata [pdf]

Humanoid Walking Control on Uneven Terrain with Short Cycle Pattern Generation

Koichi Nishiwaki [pdf]

Associating Spoken Commands with Multiple Human Users in a Dynamic Environment

Simon Thompson [pdf]

Humanoid Navigation Planning using Future Perceptive Capability

Philipp Michel [pdf]

A Predefined Command Recognition System Using a Ceiling Microphone Array in Noisy Housing Environments

Yoko Sasaki [pdf]

Sound Localization and Separation for Mobile Robot Tele-operation by Tri-concentric Microphone Array

Yoko Sasaki [pdf]

Human Modeling

Fundamentals of Human Behavior: Human Modeling Team

Toru Nakata [pdf]

Technology to prevent human error in office

Toru Nakata [pdf]

Cardiorespiratory Response Model for Pain and Stress Detection during Endoscopic Sinus Surgery under Local Anesthesia

Kensaku Sakai [pdf]

Development of Mental Health Monitor
- Measurement and Analysis of Sleep Quality Score Change -

Hiroyasu Miwa [pdf]

Reaction Time and Human Inherent Noise

Edwardo Arata Yamamoto Murakami [pdf]

Human Behavior Understanding

Digital Human Modeling for Everyday Life Computing
-Everyday Life System Control Engineering Based On Infomatics-

Yoshifumi Nishida [pdf]

Everyday Life Informatics for Childhood Injury Prevention

Yoshifumi Nishida [pdf]

Spatial Information Technology for Supporting the Surgical Headquarters

Kiyoshi Izumi [pdf]

Development of Injury Prevention Education Program Using Animated Injury Clips

Itsumi Kakefuda [pdf]

Injury Information Search System Using Mono Terminology

Koji Kitamura [pdf]

Infant Drowning Prevention System with Wireless Accelerometer

Keigo Hiratsuka [pdf]

Bodygraphic Injury Surveillance System

Toshiki Tsuboi [pdf]

Modeling of Infant s Behavior on Daily Life for Injury Prevention
-Description of the Relation between Object's Attribution and Infant Climbing-

Koji Nomori [pdf]

causality analysis on daily life activity by life log data and bayesian network

Kosei Shiraishi [pdf]

Research on Injury Control in School Environment
- Collection of Risk and Hazard Data by Elementary School Pupil and Analysis of Risk Perception for Safety Education -

Yuichiro Yasukawa [pdf]

Injury Simulation Based on Everyday Behavior Sensing System and Bodygraphic Injury Surveillance System

Yoshinori Koizumi [pdf]

In situ measurement of playing behavior by "Noboreon"

Hisakazu Ouchi [pdf]

Inference and Construction of Probabilistic Causal Structure Model for Everyday Life Behavior

Shouzou Ishikawa [pdf]


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