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Digital Human Research Center
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

TEL: +81-3-3599-8317
FAX: +81-3-5530-2066
E-Mail: [javascript protected email address]


Mar. 1994,   Finished Masters course, Graduate School of Tokyo Institute of Technology.

(Major: Systems Science)
Apr. 1994,   Joined Intelligent Systems Division. Intelligent Systems Behaviour Section.

  Electrotechnical Laboratory (ETL), AIST, MITI.
Apr. 1997,   Joined Humanoid Interaction Laboratory.

  Electrotechnical Laboratory (ETL), AIST, MITI.
Apr. 2001,   Joined Digital Human Laboratory, AIST.
Nov. 2001,   Jointed CyberHuman Project, HIS, ATR.
May 2003,   reorganized to Humanoid Robotics and Computational Neuroscience, CNS, ATR.
Jan. 2004,   Returned to Digital Human Research Center, AIST.
Sep. 2007,   Completed a doctor's course, Graduate School of Information Systems,
The University of Electro-Communications.
(Major: Information Management Science)
Jul. 2008,   Temporary transfered to Medical and Assistive Device Industries Office,
Service Industries Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, METI.
Aug. 2009,   Returned to Digital Human Research Center, AIST.
Apr. 2014,   Moved to the Intelligent Systems Research Institute, AIST

Research Topics

  • Bipedal Bike: a Coupled Human Machine Hybrid System (2007 -)
  • BiTrekker: a Powered Passive Bipedal Walking Machine for the Saddle

  • Balancing Motions of a Humanoid (2001 - )
  • Unsteady gait tolerant biped balancing control based on trajectory libraries. large image (1.15MB)

  • Simulations of Basic Mechanism of Partially Activated Passive Dynamic Bipedal Walking (1999 - )
  • Compass like mechanism biped walker with the legs stretch and contraction.
  • Inspection of the similarity to human bipedal walking.

  • Stepping Motion Generation and Control using Neural Oscillators (1997 - 1999)
  • Three dimensional simulation of a biped walking robot.
  • Inspection of its adaptability to the various environmental changes.
  • Self tuning of the parameters of a neural oscillator.

  • Juggling Motion using Rubbertuator (1994 - 1997)

  • A Juggling Robot using Neural Oscillators (1992 - 1994)

Society Memberships

  • The Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ), The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE).