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Analysis of Interest Induction Due to Objects Using Infant Observing System


A safe and secure living environment that prevents infant accident is required. Establishment of the engineering technique for supporting design of such environment is task of pressing urgency. For that purpose, it is necessary to understand synthetically various infant behaviors which appear in everyday life space. This paper describes an infant behavior observing and coding system that observes and analyzes infant behavior, infant physiological states, and states of the infant surrounding environment multidimensionally. This paper reports results of analysis of infant behavior data from a viewpoint of the interest induction due to objects.

Infant Behavior Observing System

This system consists of a Fish-eye Camera, Ultrasonic 3D Tag System, Sense Wear, and Sensor Room.

Observation and Analysis of Infant Behavior

This system can measure infant position, mother position, objects position in environment, infant temperature, and infant perspiration.

Future Works

  1. We continue to observe and analyze to collect a large volume of data.
  2. We analyze infant data, to lead a general finding, to clarify the difference by months old, to clarify the influence of the difference by the individual, and to model other factors concerning the infant accident of baby's physiological factor etc.

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