@Segment lengths (standing)
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ID Measurement item Comment
1 C1 Span Figure C1
2 C2 Armreach from back Figure C2
3 C3 Grip reach from back Figure C2
4 C4 Functional reach from back Figure C3
5 C5 Armreach from back, maximum Figure C4
6 C6 Upper limb length Figure C5
7 C7 Upper arm length Figure C5
8 C8 Forearm length Figure C5
9 C9 Hand length Figure C5
10 C10 Shoulder-elbow length Figure C6
11 C11 Elbow to middle fingertip length Figure C6
12 C12 Elbow-grip length Figure C7
13 C13 Thigh length Figure C8
14 C14 Lower leg length Figure C8
15 C15 Back to acromiale, arms hanging free Figure C9
16 C16 Back to acromiale, arms forward Figure C10
17 C17 Wall to wrist Figure C11
18 C18 Wall to grip Figure C12