Digital Human Platform

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The concept of artificial humanity has captivated the scientific community and the public at large for many years. Despite this, Digital Humans have remained mostly in the realm of science fiction. This laboratory seeks to support and encourage studies in the field by providing a Digital Human Plaform upon which to research may be based. To this end, the laboratory works to provide data, software, and hardware to the scientific and industrial communities.
Already, the laboratory has begun to furnish data on human body dimensions and software for utilizing homologous models of the human body. The next step will be to provide hardware models reliable to a significant level of precision and accuracy. While graphical representations are an important data presentation method, they are less compelling than physical models. In addition to graphical methods, the laboratory is currently conducting a study of using a humanoid robot to present human movement data.
The Digital Human Laboratory is very dedicated to advancements in all aspects of Digital Human research. In an attempt to invite collaboration, the laboratory offers to make available the intellectual property associated with and support for the technologies developed.

  • Data contents
  • Human body dimensions data 1997-98 OPEN
  • Human body surface data
  • Software
  • Homologous modeling of the human body surface
  • Software to support the design of products that requires the morphological fit OPEN
  • Humanoid
  • Perception-Action Integrated Humanoid Robot : H7
  • Patent and knowhow
  • Patent 2725739: A method to deform 3D forms shown in a computer
  • Patent 3106177: A method and apparatus to produce an average form of plural 3D froms
  • Knowhow "DiForm": Technology for designing products to fit to the 3D human body forms