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Investigation of inertia properties of the human body

ReferenceInvestigation of inertia properties of the human body
JournalAMRL-TR-74-137 (1975)
Sample number6
Measurement yearn/a
Measurement placeUSA
Measurement techniqueCadaver segmentation
Rawdata accessibilityOK

* This reference could be downloaded freely from the website of the Department of Anatomy of the University of Brussels.( ; Dead link)


(1)Definition of Body Segmentation

Three cadavers are measured at standing posture, and three cadavers are measured at sitting posture.The definition of body segmentation at standing posture is the same as that of Clauser, except for the head. At sitting posture, the bodies are cut through at the center of each joint.

With the arm abducted laterally approximately 15 degree, the cut plane extends from the acromial tip to the anatomical neck of the humorus.

The cut plane begins from the level of the iliac crest inferiorly along the external shelf of the ilium cutting the rim of the acetabulurn and serves the ischial tubersity (posteriorly at the level of the attachment of M.Semimenbranous, anteriorly at the mid-point of the ascending ramus of the ischium) with abudacted legs about 20 degree.

The cut plane begins from the chin neck juncture, just inferior to the hyoid bone, through the body of third cervical vertebra to the spinus tip of second cervical vertebra with positioned in the Frankfort plane.

d. Knee
The cut line begins near the lower third of patella and bisects the maximum protusions of the medial and lateral epicondyles of the femur and passes just above the posterior superior edge of the medial epicondyle and through the posterior superior tip of the lateral epicondyle.

The cut plane begins at the anterior superior edge of the neck of the talus and passes through the posterior superior surface of the calcaneous.

With flexed about 45 degree, the cut plane bisects the area of insertion of the triceps on the olecranon process, and crosses the greatest projection of the medial epicondyle .

The cut plane begins at the palpable groove between the lunate and capitate bone, bisects the volar surface of the pisiform and ends at the distal wrist crease.

(2)Predictive model